Candy Bunny is the supportive of the show. She is very smart and seems to be obsessed with cleaning. She is also the girlfriend of Bunny.When she goes hero she wears a pink suit with white stripes with a pink helmet. She usually hangs out with her friend Charlotte at a local bar or just chill out and walk around town shopping with her. Bunny as reckless as he is causes Candy a lot of stress. She is the love interest of Professor Dribbal , the mortal enemy who is constantly stealing her and holding her hostage in his submarine that sinks in every episode. In one episode Candy starts baking cookies hoping to become a success but when she does Bunny starts to miss her so he sabotages her cookies and when the product bombs she has more time for him. In one episode Candy and JockforSWAT have to hide because everyone from shows and movies becomes a Gurggle from the love and they are the only ones not affected by the wave.

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